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-Preston "P-World"

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The New Type I & Type II Speaks.........

I know i know i know, you guys have all been waiting for us to open our mouths, and give some information on the new Type II. Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing more info about the product, addressing some questions we get, and making the public more familiar with the changes going on here at Function and Form that we are excited about, and have had a hard time keeping our mouths shut about. 

Here is a brief spec of our new coil-overs.

Type I Coil-over

This is the first coil-over that Function and Form developed and distributed. It has since made a return, with improvements to design and functionality. This entry-level coil-over targets the consumer who is looking for height adjustability without the steep asking price.  
The Type I coil-over is a full bodied coil-over, not a lesser quality sleeve-over that many competitors offer. It is fully threaded and height adjustable to provide a comfortable ride in any import car. The Type I is a quality, durable, and cost-effective product for the consumer that seeks an innovative entry-level product for their automobile. 

Key Features:
-one year warranty
-adjustable ride heights
-adjustable from the lower mount, allowing the driver to retain full shock travel
-dual tube shock design for maximum ride comfort
-steel construction of lower mounts for increased durability

Type II Coil-over

The current Type II coil-over is a modified and retooled version of the older Type II models. The new and improved Type II coil-over is a complete coil-over with a fully threaded shock body. Through extensive research and development, Function & Form Autolife has enhanced an already largely successful product. While the previous design was very popular, the new Type II coil-over has added features that serious car enthusiasts will find to be irreplaceable.

Added Features:
-one year warranty
-32 levels of dampening adjustments
-dampening adjustments made with a knob that “clicks” at each level setting
-steel construction of the lower mounts for maximum strength
-adjustable camber plates (application dependent)
-adjustable pillow ball mounts (application dependent)
-adjustable ride height from bottom mount allowing driver to retain full shock travel while --  lowering the car
-special oil lubrication able to withstand weather conditions from -40° C to 200° C 
-dual tube shock design for maximum ride comfort
-wireless dampening adjuster (Wi-damp) available for most applications
-50 mm McPherson strut piston 
-43 mm Double wishbone piston 
-Shock dyno chart available

Function & Form Autolife Inc. carries some of the most popular applications for import and domestic compact cars. The warehouse is located on site to allow for faster processing and shipping turnover. 

Function & Form Popular Application List:



Christopher said...

For those of us who placed orders with dealers for Type II systems that were supposedly being shipped around early march, are we still getting them? Or are we forced to wait until these new ugraded ones are released?

Bong said...

I was wondering why you switched to a dual-tube design? I believe Koni's are dual-tube designs as well, but they're valved to handle higher rates. I'm assuming these will be the same case?

However, I do like the fact that F2 is offering two types of coilovers for enthusiasts. I hope more information comes out. *thumbs up*

Pworld said...

No you will get the Type II system you ordered. They should be shipping out from your dealers the week of the 17th or March.

Thanks for the feedback. Yes we went twin tube based on the fact alot of people were playing the spring rate game to get soft ride. Since they were using there applications on street cars. We figured we bring out a pure street suspension (type I), and street/auto-x/light track suspention (type II), and a weekend warrior/track duty suspension (type III that is in development).

Bong said...

That is a nice break-up of the systems. It will definitely bring in a larger crowd.

Will the new shocks have any problems with ride fade? If not, I can see this being another choice to the popular Koni and GC combo. Actually, I'm quite interested in hearing the differences, in terms of ride and performance, compared to the present TypeII and the newly redesigned series.

Is it time to introduce some of the TypeIII features (differences between II and III)?

asianzt said...

This answer might be obvious but, I was wondering: Is this a hydraulic shock?

Pworld said...
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Allen said...
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phil said...

i just ordered mine from speedfeinds.com if i dont get the old version of the type 2's then i am probably going to return them.. i really dont like whats going on here, it does seem suspicious, i DO NOT want coilovers from Bor-Chuann.... one thing i dont like already that i can see from that picture is the finish, they arent zinc electroplated anymore?? thumbs down! paint is no-go.... well i hope i get the old ones....

Dustin said...

is there anyway you guys will have like a big stock of the older type II's? im hopefully gonna be ordering some soon and id like to get the ones out now instead of the new ones coming out.

Pworld said...


Why are you trying to convince me that this product is made by Bor cHaun or whatever? I dont even know who makes there stuff there. I have heard this company or that company but we dont care. Thats there business. Like i said if you can prove it, not on a website comparing facts. You have not seen the product in person, rode on it, seen anything more than what you are given and your making these kind of crazy statements?

Once again, we have made improvements for us to bring out a better version of our Type II, as much as you want them to be made by BC...lol, sorry they arent and never will be. You just have to accept that sir. Why would we downgrade a good product? Thats not smart is it? Once again how can you knock a product you have not seen in person, or have any feedback from? So with that said im done with you. If you dont like the changes, dont visit our blog, dont by our product, thats your right as a consumer. But respect that we are not who you think. If you feel otherwise you can call our office 626-407-0015 ask for Preston, and i will be happy to clear up your large misconception, without any public embarassment to you. The offer is on the table, that makes 2 of them. Take one of them or leave it alone please.

Thank You.

Sorry that you have let a few stray statements scare you, but no our products are not from bor chaun, feel free to contact them im sure they will tell you that. Im sure Apexi and Megan are great companies, but like i said i have had customers and dealers who have those products and sale those products, ride on our old and new type II and not switch back to there old set ups. So i doubt there the same, and those people can tell you its definately not the same manufacture.

There are no old Type II's in production. If speedfiend has sold those to you, thats an error on there part, as they know they are not available. Sorry for your inconvience.

I want to keep this blog positive, people are entitled to there opinions. I just ask that people respect our area, as we try to respect all of our customers, potential customers, and other companies in this industry. I dont mind people debating or speaking there opinion on facts, but i will not tolerate people creating false information. There are honest and straight up business people here. This industry has alot of shadyness and misleading companies. We are consumers just like you and i try to remember that when being a business person. So when i tell you my product is not made somewhere ITS NOT MADE THERE! if i tell you i have no association with somebody I HAVE NO ASSOCIATION!!! Its not that difficult to understand. You cant tell me how my product is made, how it is engineered, or how our company is ran. Only 4 people can do that, and we are here everyday busting our tails!

Now there are many companies that will b.s. you and do whatever it takes to get a quick dollar and get out. I will not say any names, and alot of those companies are releasing products or coil-overs to saturate the market, take companies like us out with a cheaper product and not care. IF we wanted to do that im sure we could, but we are working to improve our products, our service, our brand, and your experience. We have been in business going on 3 years and like any other business we learn as we grow. But we pride ourselves on being genuine about what we do.


Da9Rood said...

Will there be an application for Honda fits?????? i had the type1's on my DA, loved them. what applications will be available in type2 v.2?

Pworld said...

We will be releasing a Fit application in the future. The honda basic honda applications will be released first. Then within a month or two we will be releasing BMW, Evo, STI, 350z, Chevy Cobalt, Skyline, S2000, Silvia, and more applications.

Allen said...

it has come to everyone's intention about the origin and validity of these type II coilovers.

i would like to say sorry to Pworld for my brutal take towards F2 autolife, and for any misleading assumption i may have caused.

please read my e-mail from Bor-Chuann:
Dear Bor-Chuann,

does your company supply coilovers to Function and Form Autolife?


Picture of F2 coilovers

Function and Form Autolife
211 S. Raymond Ave.
Alhambra, CA 91801
(626) 407-0015 Phone (sales, product support)
(626) 282-0985 Phone (Wholesale, Dealer Inquiries)
(626) 407-0014 Fax

Dear Mr. Andy XXXX,

Thanks for your email.

We do not supply coilovers to Function and Form Autolife, though the color scheme is similar to ours. We are guessing they are probably made by D2, but it is just a guess. We can not make sure 100%.

Please stop passing the wrong information on the Internet, which may cause damages to our company and reputation.

We deeply appreciate your understanding.

Best Regards,
Taiwan Bor-Chuann Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tel:886-4-23399693 Fax:886-4-23399193
Email: bor.chuann@msa.hinet.net
Email: bc@bcec.com.tw
No. 34-9 Sihde S. Rd., Wufong Township,
Taichung County, Taiwan
please check out clubrsx's discussion about F2's new type II and my personal apologies going out to Pworld/Preston and F2 at:

and again, i am sorry for these recent confusions... please disregard my earlier statement and have an open opinion about Function&Form.

phil said...

preston! its phil again..... ive been looking around at some other suspensions... heres what i want

fully treaded shock bodies
adjustable ride height
8k front and rear spring rates
adjustable dampening

do you know how hard it is to find a suspension company that offers a coilover with those specs for the DC5 chassis that doesnt cost $1500+ ??!??!

i know the new FF type 2's are going to satisfy what i want... however, im worried about 2 things.... price, and how soon i can get them on my car... when will you be releasing some actual pricing on these??!? im crossing my fingers that they wont cost upwards of $1000 any thoughts?!??!

Pworld said...

Hey Phil

They will be below $1500, but they wont be below $1000. But everything else will probably be facilitated. I dont know what the final spring rates will be, but 8k front and rear doesnt sound out of question for our out of the box rates, i will keep you updated. Release date is still TBD unfortunately. I will try to make a blog to announce that they have been tested and in production.


Thanks for calling in and good talking with you. We all appreciate you being a good sport about everything, and appreciate the feedback you gave us!