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Here it is, Since we are too lazy to update our site half the time(we are not webmasters, are even web-rookies), we thought this would be a little more interactive and fun. So here we go, with a page where we can have a little fun, show new products, cars we like, cars rocking our suspension, and vent on certain things. Please forgive us in advance for our wreckless behavior and crazyness on this page at times.

-Preston "P-World"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cleveland Autorama ......Tour Stop #2

As the official suspension of the TJIN EDITION TOUR, Function and Form was excited to stop by Cleveland for the Autorama show and get an opportunity to enjoy the Ohioans....., if that's even a real word. But anyhow, here are some pictures and visual re-cap of the people and cars of the event.

Shot-Out to Neil and Gene Tjin, WR Team, ACV, Horsepower Farm, and everybody else that stopped by to show us love.

The Trailer and Cars, all ready to go for the weekend




Shirt of the weekend, For sale soon!! Stay tuned to the blog for official release.





Doug Wasil's RHD K20 powered DA


Tjin Edition/ICE Skyline



Tjin Edition/ Turtle Wax Cobalt


One Lug wheels, the future!


Matt from WR Teams, show winning Sentra


Aaron's Clean and flushed Subaru WRX


And now for the people, and crazy madness!

P-world and the Friendly Lion

Cleveland 035

World, Aunt Phyllis, Lion, Matt, Neil, and Gene

Cleveland 036

World's Cousins, Pworld's Mom, Pworld, Neil and Gene


Matt, Old Man Kevin that we kidnapped for the picture, ACV Aaron, Another lady we kidnapped for the picture, and Gene

Cleveland 019


That's all for now..........look forward for plenty of new updates.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tjin Edition Tour X Function and Form....FIRST STOP DETROIT!! March 7-9th

Well the time has begun boys and girls. Its time for Function and Form to take our show on the road. WE ARE GOING ON TOUR!!! (hold the groupies please........ok maybe not.) And we have a few other acts going on tour with us, such as Turtle Wax, Status Racing, One Lug Wheels, Magnaflow Exhuast, Glowshift Gauges, Tuesday Afternoon, and many more.... We plan to PARTY LIKE ROCK STARS!! and let everybody know what we have in store for 2008!! Our first stop is The Motor City, aka Rock City, aka "THE D"..........Detroit!! at the 2008 Detroit Autorama. Come out, get some posters, see us crazy kids, and see the crazy cars (pictured above) by TJIN EDITION with a little FUNCTION AND FORM flavor.

Also check in next week for pictures of it all!! 

Love, Peace, and Hair Grease.


The New Type I & Type II Speaks.........

I know i know i know, you guys have all been waiting for us to open our mouths, and give some information on the new Type II. Over the next few weeks, we will be releasing more info about the product, addressing some questions we get, and making the public more familiar with the changes going on here at Function and Form that we are excited about, and have had a hard time keeping our mouths shut about. 

Here is a brief spec of our new coil-overs.

Type I Coil-over

This is the first coil-over that Function and Form developed and distributed. It has since made a return, with improvements to design and functionality. This entry-level coil-over targets the consumer who is looking for height adjustability without the steep asking price.  
The Type I coil-over is a full bodied coil-over, not a lesser quality sleeve-over that many competitors offer. It is fully threaded and height adjustable to provide a comfortable ride in any import car. The Type I is a quality, durable, and cost-effective product for the consumer that seeks an innovative entry-level product for their automobile. 

Key Features:
-one year warranty
-adjustable ride heights
-adjustable from the lower mount, allowing the driver to retain full shock travel
-dual tube shock design for maximum ride comfort
-steel construction of lower mounts for increased durability

Type II Coil-over

The current Type II coil-over is a modified and retooled version of the older Type II models. The new and improved Type II coil-over is a complete coil-over with a fully threaded shock body. Through extensive research and development, Function & Form Autolife has enhanced an already largely successful product. While the previous design was very popular, the new Type II coil-over has added features that serious car enthusiasts will find to be irreplaceable.

Added Features:
-one year warranty
-32 levels of dampening adjustments
-dampening adjustments made with a knob that “clicks” at each level setting
-steel construction of the lower mounts for maximum strength
-adjustable camber plates (application dependent)
-adjustable pillow ball mounts (application dependent)
-adjustable ride height from bottom mount allowing driver to retain full shock travel while --  lowering the car
-special oil lubrication able to withstand weather conditions from -40° C to 200° C 
-dual tube shock design for maximum ride comfort
-wireless dampening adjuster (Wi-damp) available for most applications
-50 mm McPherson strut piston 
-43 mm Double wishbone piston 
-Shock dyno chart available

Function & Form Autolife Inc. carries some of the most popular applications for import and domestic compact cars. The warehouse is located on site to allow for faster processing and shipping turnover. 

Function & Form Popular Application List: