Welcome to the Function and Form Blog

Here it is, Since we are too lazy to update our site half the time(we are not webmasters, are even web-rookies), we thought this would be a little more interactive and fun. So here we go, with a page where we can have a little fun, show new products, cars we like, cars rocking our suspension, and vent on certain things. Please forgive us in advance for our wreckless behavior and crazyness on this page at times.

-Preston "P-World"

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Well i think it's time to wish everybody i happy new year!!! And guess what. WE ARE STILL HERE!! shall we get comfortable? have we made it yet, are we blowing up? Two words..........HELL NO!! We haven't even warmed up! So much work to do, so many new things to do, so much growth to show.

So with that said. This blog is going to be official. No more keeping it on the low. This blog will be where all the rumors are addressed, all the sneak peeks happen, all the "behind the scenes" stuff is let out the bag, and the randomness goes down. Yes it will be very random and politically uncorrect. Or at least "INDUSTRY" uncorrect. We play by our own rules now, and we will show you how to play with us!! No but seriously, bookmark it, tell a friend, pass the word, this is the spot to find out the low down, and good stuff coming up with us.

Whats coming up you might ask? Alot. Thats all i really want to say. Alot. Expect new coil-overs, expect new products. And i mean SOON! real SOON! like TAX RETURN SEASON soon! Expect a new website, Expect us in a city near you. Yes you! and YOU! and YOU! So with that said.........

I wish everybody a wonderful 2008 because i know we are going to have a wonderful year and we can't wait to share it with you.......the customer!