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Here it is, Since we are too lazy to update our site half the time(we are not webmasters, are even web-rookies), we thought this would be a little more interactive and fun. So here we go, with a page where we can have a little fun, show new products, cars we like, cars rocking our suspension, and vent on certain things. Please forgive us in advance for our wreckless behavior and crazyness on this page at times.

-Preston "P-World"

Monday, April 21, 2008

"Work it harder, Make it better, Do it faster, Makes us stronger,"....

On my way to the office this morning i was playing the song "Stronger", as i felt a need to pull out a motivational CD, and Kanye West Graduation is like my theme music. As i was listening to the song, i realized that the chorus had the same energy that we have here at Function and Form right now. All that is on our minds and agenda's is to be Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Another word that sums things up around here is "Hunger". We are hungry as hell!! Not food, but hungry for success, hungry to become a stronger and better company.  

So with that said, the time is coming where the new version of the TYPE II is arriving. In the next few weeks it will arrive, and we will be back to serving this hotness to the streets! I personally am anticipating this as much as the Jordan 7/16 countdown pack coming in June (i will do whatever i have to do to get those Jordan 7 Hares, do not get in my way!!), but that's neither here nor there. In the next few days you will see changes to the website in preparation for the new product, so don't be alarmed if you see a temporary page up. We will try to make it easy on the eyes and have a mailing list so you can be in touch of everything we get our hands into (keep minds out the gutter please, thanks!).

Everybody have a wonderful week and feel to call or e-mail about any questions 626-407-0015.

 "Good morning On this day we become legendary ,Everything we dreamed of" - Kanye West

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Track Day!!!


On Saturday, March 29th, we took the liberty to make the 1.5 hour trip up north from Los Angeles to Button Willow racetrack. We were eager to support our long time customer and family of F2, Danny Hernandez, with his beast of an EK at the track. It was a chance to get familiar with the track, get familiar with our product, and get away from the hectic office life.



Upon arrival I was personally greeted by Danny with huge smiles and excitement. He had already did a session or two and was very pleased with the New Type Two prototypes he was testing. First let me give you a little history. He was one of the first people to have our previous Type Two and has had plenty of experience with our products and company(as a paying customer), so his excitement was a fair gauge of how our product marketed for "street" performance was performing on the track.


I decided to throw on a helmet and ride along for a few laps around Buttonwillow (configuration #13), and boy was a nervous but impressed. By lap 3 I was humming and day dreaming at speeds up to 110 mph or more. The suspension handled elevation changes, esses, and changes in directions very well. Also hitting those rub strips on the apexes was no problem for the suspension. Remind you this car hasn't even been dialed in. It was pretty much, slap on the suspension, check the height, and lets roll!! Due to a broke Axle (darn K series power!), our day was cut short, but we look forward to getting back to the track to dial in the suspension and play with some configurations that will let us help our customers set up there new Type Two suspensions and help us develop a..........we will save that for another discussion *smiles*






a quick video of a fly-by


Shot-Outs to everybody at the track day that showed love and support, Rywire, Chase of Chasebays, Danny and Peoples Choice, Julez, Raymundoooo!!, Loi and the Sportcar Motion Staff, Katman and Lee from FF Squad, Ryan and ray from ATS Garage, and everybody else I may have forgot!

Pictures and video provided by Danny, Julez, and Raymond