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Here it is, Since we are too lazy to update our site half the time(we are not webmasters, are even web-rookies), we thought this would be a little more interactive and fun. So here we go, with a page where we can have a little fun, show new products, cars we like, cars rocking our suspension, and vent on certain things. Please forgive us in advance for our wreckless behavior and crazyness on this page at times.

-Preston "P-World"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Shape of Things to Come......

The "NEW" Type Two's coming in spring of 08 *thats this year for you slow people*..lol

Details coming soon. bookmark this page, because if its not here, then its not official.


Monday, February 4, 2008

FUNCTION AND FORM , the official Suspension Sponsor on the TJIN EDITION TOUR 2008

Well, we decided for 2008, we would try some new things. And one of them is getting outside the house and taking the name on the road!! So we are joining the TJIN EDITION TOUR as an official sponser and coming to a city near you. This will be a new and fun experience for us, and let you people out there get to know more about our brand, our products, and the people behind it.

Check out http://www.tjineditiontour.com/ or www.myspace.com/tjineditiontour as the days get closer to the tour kicking off in Detriot on March 7-9 for the Autorama show. There you can get the schedule, and we will be putting up schedule here on our blog. Also if there is anything we do thats special for a certain tour stop (wink wink!), you will here about it here first for a clue. So bookmark or suscribe to the blog to find out the little tricks we have up our sleeves.