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Here it is, Since we are too lazy to update our site half the time(we are not webmasters, are even web-rookies), we thought this would be a little more interactive and fun. So here we go, with a page where we can have a little fun, show new products, cars we like, cars rocking our suspension, and vent on certain things. Please forgive us in advance for our wreckless behavior and crazyness on this page at times.

-Preston "P-World"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Yes FINALLY!! Finishing up the touches on our Evo TYPE II, yes TYPE DOS!! Throw up two fingers baby!! So expect these to be available in August!! Sorry for all the !!!!!!! im just excited. From our ride test, this car rides like a Cadi but handles awesome!! More details coming soon.

P.S. thanks to RJ for coming in and "Doing Work" on his Evo.

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SIC EVO9 said...

dam when can i get a set of these type 2 :) lol